St. Just Town Council Strategic Plan 2024 – 2027

January 05th 2024

St. Just Town Council has developed and adopted its first Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan 2024-2027 describes the Council’s vision for the next 3 years which covers the remaining term of the current council and the first two years of the next council. It sets out what it is trying to achieve and what its key priorities are between now and May 2027.

This new initiative for the Town Council, is the result of a focussed workshop involving Council Members, who were able to share their ideas for the Council’s priorities based on their understanding of what local residents want, need or are concerned about. It is also supported by information from previous consultations with the community.

The Strategic Plan’s key areas of focus are; advocacy, people, place, economy and environment. The delivery plan sets out what the Council aims to achieve for the benefit of the Town and its residents between now and May 2027.

St. Just Town Council’s Strategic Plan 2024-2027 has now been published (including its delivery plan) and is available to view below in the embedded PDF:

St. Just Town Council’s Strategic Plan 2024-2027 (PDF, 127KB)


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