Under 16 Swim Free Scheme – Parish of St Just

April 02nd 2024

Last summer the “Under 16 Swim Free” Scheme was trialled within the Penzance Parish. You may have heard about it – your child’s friends may have been spending lots of fun filled days at the Jubilee Pool – for free! Thanks to funding from St Just Parish Council, this summer Under 16 residents of the St Just Parish are now eligible for a free season main pool swim pass at The Jubilee Pool.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Sign up online via this link.

Step 2: Head to The Jubilee Pool with a proof of St Just Parish residence and child’s date of birth. Under 16 applying for pass needs to be present so a photo can be taken to attach to membership. It is recommended you do this before the school holidays to maximise the time the U16 has use of the pass.

How do I prove my child meets the criteria?

Once the above online form has been completed, proof of St Just Parish residence will need to be shown by a parent/carer at registration.

Suitable documents to prove address (only 1 required):

  • CouncilTaxBill
  • Drivinglicenceofparent/carer

Child date of birth proof:

  • Passport or Birth Certificate.

Proof of residency and date of birth documents only need to be shown once and then a membership card is issued. The valid membership card must be shown on each visit to be permitted entry.

How often can the pass be used?

The pass can be used if the main pool is open; excluding any special events that require an entry purchase (for example: Outdoor Cinema).

How are swims booked?

There will be a free pass ticket link on the website. If there is availability, pass holders can also walk in on the day and use it to swim.

Do children need to be supervised?

Current ratio requirements:

  • Children aged 12 and over – can enter the pool unsupervised.
  • Children aged 8-12 years- require one adult to 4 children on pool side
  • Children aged 4-8 years – require 1 adult: two children on poolside and in the water. Children under 4 – the ratio is 1 adult to 1 child on poolside and in water.

How much does an accompanying adult need to pay?

Depending on where the adult lives – there are discounts for Penzance postcode residents and very reasonable monthly passes.

Any other information – we reserve the right to revoke a membership if the rules of the pool are not being followed. Use of the inflatable is included in the scheme.


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