St Just-In-Penwith Town Council’s Grants Scheme

Grant Application Form

NB: Please ensure you have read & complied with the grant funding process, criteria & rules on this page before applying.

If you would prefer to complete the form offline, you can download a copy here and return to us by email or by post.


The Town Council’s Grants Scheme is operated by the full Council and is open to community organisations based in or working in St Just and Pendeen and the surrounding villages of Bojewyan, Boscaswell, Botallack, Carnyorth, Nancherrow, Tregeseal, Trewellard and Truthwall. Organisations can apply for a grant for any project or activity which is for the benefit of residents. The Council’s grants budget for the 2024/2025 financial year is £25,000.

The scheme is primarily aimed at community organisations based in or working in the local town and villages. Organisations from outside these local communities may only apply if they can demonstrate a significant economic or social benefit to the local community. The Council may award reduced funding levels or, indeed, refuse funding to organisations based outside of the area.


Applicants are required to complete and return a simple grants form. This is then submitted to the next meeting of the Town Council (the full Council meets monthly, with the exception of August when the Council is in recess). The Council may invite the applicant to attend the meeting to introduce the application and answer any questions. The Council will consider each application on its merits. It will notify the applicant of its decision within ten working days of the meeting and, if the application is approved, will send the applicant a BACS transfer for the appropriate amount.

The Town Council may consider requests for larger grants in exceptional circumstances where it can be demonstrated that more funds are required and the benefit to the local community and / or the local economy would justify a larger award. In such circumstances further information and undertakings or guarantees may be required. Applicants may also be required to produce a report demonstrating value for money before and after the completion of a project.

The Council will also help signpost applicants to other relevant sources of funding and support, including the “Grantfinder“ scheme.


  • Applicant organisations should be non-profit making;
  • National organisations will not usually be issued with a grant;
  • Applicant organisations must have a bank account and submit a copy of their most recent bank statement with their application. They may also be asked for a copy of their latest set of accounts (if available);
  • Applications from churches or religious organisations for funding towards the cost of providing facilities which could be used primarily to support the act of worship, or from any political organisation will not normally be considered unless it can be demonstrated to be of broad community benefit unrestricted by religious beliefs sectarianism or supports the views of any political party;
  • Projects / activities must benefit local residents and / or be of demonstrable benefit to St Just and Pendeen, and / or the surrounding villages;
  • Applicant organisations must demonstrate their commitment to equal opportunities and projects / activities must comply with equalities legislation;
  • Clear arrangements must be in place to manage projects / activities and measure their success; and
  • Applications must set out the cost of the project / activity and list other sources of funding sought or secured.

Rules for successful applicants

  • Applicants must not change the use of their grant award, without the written permission of the Town Council;
  • Applicants must send the Town Council a written report on the use of their grant within three months of completing the relevant project and agree to the Town Council publishing details of any grants awarded;
  • Applicants must refer to the support of the Town Council in any publicity they release about their project and agree to the Town Council publicising details of any grants awarded;
  • If applicants provide any false information in their application, this may lead to the withdrawal of the grant offered;
  • The organisation must guarantee that, should any grant offered not be used in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Town Council, they will repay the outstanding amount to the Town Council on demand; and
  • Only one application per organisation will normally be considered each year.