Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2024-2027 (Summary)

(NB: a pdf copy of the complete plan document is available for download here)

About the Town Council

The Town Council is the most local level of government. It has 12 councillors which work for communities across the parish.

The Council’s Vision

To protect and enhance the existing qualities of the parish , to ensure it remains successful and resilient in future ( A Vision for St. Just – March 2023).

The Council’s Mission

‘Working together for the community’

What is a Strategic Plan?

It’s a document which sets out what the council’s priorities are and gives direction and focus to all those involved in its work.

Key areas of focus

The council has identified five key areas of focus to work on:

Our Advocacy – Represent, connect with and advocate for all of our community with integrity and purpose

Our People – Support the fair development of our community to ensure everyone is included ,engaged, active and well

Our Place – Invest in an accessible, climate-resilient, respectful, equitable, shared and healthy physical place that supports and protects all members of our community and the environment we rely on

Our economy – Support the development of a regenerative, independent local rural economy that serves our people, place and environment

Our environment – Invest in and care for our underpinning  climate, ecology and natural heritage

Adopted by St.Just Town Council  December 2023