Terms Of Reference

1. St Just-in-Penwith Town Vitality Steering Group

Terms of Reference


The aim of the St Just-in-Penwith Town Vitality Steering Group (hereinafter referred to as the Steering Group) is to guide and support St Just Town Council in implementing projects arising from the Town Centre Vision and Implementation Plan, particularly where there is related grant funding available.

The Steering Group will aim to ensure the voices of local businesses, community groups and the wider community are heard and considered, to ensure a sustainable, vibrant and diverse town centre for future generations to enjoy.


To achieve this aim the Steering Group will:

  • Work with the Town Council, the Tin Coast Partnership and other key stakeholders;
  • Guide and support any appointed consultants or Officers implementing town plans;
  • Act as a sounding board for proposals that directly affect the Town and assist with wider community engagement;
  • Work collaboratively with partners and stakeholders to obtain grants, crowdfunding or private investment that benefits the town and wider community.
  • The Town Council will normally be the accountable body for Government or Local Authoritygrants.


Town Councillors, owners/managers of Town Centre businesses from a range of sectors, representatives of the Tin Coast Partnership and other stakeholders deemed appropriate to represent the interests of the wider community and Parish. The Steering Group will ensure that young people are either directly represented on the Steering Group or that the youth voice is sought and heard, throughout the process.

Convening Arrangements

The Chair/ Convener of the Steering Group will be a Town Councillor, with the Vice Chair/Convener not being a Town Councillor. To be quorate, at least 2 Town Councillors will need to be present and at least 5 members in total.


The Steering Group will aim to reflect the views of a range of stakeholders, in working with the Town Council and Tin Coast Partnership. Where formal decisions or recommendations are needed they will be taken at a quorate meeting of the Steering Group, by a resolution that is first proposed and seconded and then passed by majority vote. Where there are financialimplications for the Town Council, the Steering Group can only recommend.

Frequency and Format of meeting

Meetings will normally take place at the end of the working day in St Just Library, as needed but normally less frequently than monthly.

Record Keeping

A note taker will be agreed at each meeting with records primarily noting action points, recommendations and decisions. Notes will be made available to St Just Town Council and the Tin Coast Partnership.

Information Classification: CONTROLLED

(a pdf copy of this policy is available for download here)